Pumpkin Barfi

Pumpkin barfi is similar to bottle gourd barfi. It is made from chopped pumpkin, milk solids, and sugar, and can be consumed during fast.


  • Pumpkin – 1 kg
  • Sugar –1 cup
  • Khoya –  1 + 1/2 cup
  • Ghee – 1 tbsp + 1 tsp for greasing the tray
  • Cardamom and nuts as per choice

            Serve – 18 pieces


  • Wash the pumpkin and remove the seed portion
  • Peel the pumpkin and then cut it into small pieces using a knife or chop in a chopper
  • Put the chopped pumpkin in a thick-bottomed pan with little ghee on medium heat
  • Cover and cook till the pumpkin is cooked, it may take 15-20 mins
  • Once the pumpkin is cooked, let it cook in the open pan on medium heat till all the milk and water evaporates, keep stirring intermittently and scraping the sides
  • Now add sugar and mix well
  • The sugar will melt and again you need to cook it till all the water evaporates
  • Now add khoya, mix well (grate the khoya, it will be easier to mix it with the pumpkin)
  • Keep cooking and stirring till the mixture solidifies, starts to leave side (keep a close eye at this stage, the mixture can burn or stick to the pan)
  • Now add ghee and roast a bit to get a little shine in the mixture
  • To check, take some mixture in hand and try to make a ball; it is ready to set if it forms a small ball
  • Add cardamom powder and nuts
  • Put the mixture in a greased tray and let it set

Sustainable cooking – Save the seeds and dry them in the sun. Peeled dried seeds can be used as a garnish.

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